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ABACUS offers private coaching in:

... and many more subjects

ABACUS private coaching is available for all types of schools, such as primary, secondary, high school, State school, vocational school and language training for adults and for all grade levels.

ABACUS offers private coaching in:

... and many more subjects

ABACUS private coaching is available for all types of schools, such as primary, secondary, high school, State school, vocational school and language training for adults and for all grade levels.

The ABACUS experts:

English is the universal language par excellence, and in today's age of globalization, an important component to a successful career and private independence. Most courses at Swiss universities expect now good English skills as an admission requirement. This concerns language and communication sciences and technical subjects at universities. Whether it comes to travel during holiday trips in other countries or to get a good job in the age of global networking and international cooperation of companies: English is important. However, during school time these treasures of this language, can be forgotten when the student has problems to memorize the grammar or has again to learn three pages of vocabulary. Parents and teachers then hear from the students "it's too much" or " it's not funny". When the students did not participate properly during one school year, the amount of schoolwork, which must be made up, is enormous.

Fortunately, however, English can also make a lot of fun. The ABACUS tutoring aims to motivate again the students for this language. An easy way is the common conversation in English, which is often not done in the classroom. What makes the language alive again is to solve together a puzzle in English, play a agme or forge vacation plans. Only if the student has fun in learning English, he/she will also deal with the boring learning of the vocabulary and the grammar. The tutors can also provide helpful tips and techniques for effective learning here.

Opinions of students regarding the subject English:

"I should improve my language skills for the students exchange. The more I dealt with English the better I got to like it. English is now my second favorite subject besides sports."

"I love England. I'm literally hooked on this wet, cold but beautiful country. I was especially taken by Oxford with its beautiful old buildings and colleges. And consequently love the language. The people are open, humorous, tolerant and rough diamonds."

"English is absolutely cool, because you can use it for so many things. Understand lyrics, computer applications...."

"I would like to communicate better with the people when I'm in the USA with my parents on our next holidays."

"English is a language which is understood worldwide. That is an incentive speak and understand English exceptionally well."

"I would like to study after the A'levels. It is my greatest wish to spend a semester abroad in Australia. I need very good English language skills for that."

"I play basketball and the conversation in that sport is English. The coach only talks to us in English."

"Pronouncing the 'th' in the beginning was really difficult. It got better by practicing it often in the English lesson at school and in the tuition."

Opinions of ABACUS - students regarding the subject english.
Note: English is the most favorite subject at ABACUS.

loosli Fluregn Fravi
Your director of the ABACUS Institute in Graubünden
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081 302 63 23

As the director of the ABACUS-Institute I know the variety of different problems at school due to practical work. Illness-related learning problems, puberty, missing motivation and much more can be the reason that tutoring lessons may become temporarily necessary. In order to respond effectively to the needs of each student I offer individual tutoring at the students' home. I am convinced that this reduces the duration of the individual tutoring decisively and that the student can be helped more effectively.

Martin F.

Durch gezieltes Konversationstraining mit meinem ABACUS-Nachhilfelehrer bin ich für meine Auslandreisen bestens vorbereitet!
Sarah H.
Schülerin 9.Klasse

Mein Nachhilfelehrer von ABACUS hat mir Lerntechniken beigebracht, um mich besser zu organisieren und alleine auf Klassenarbeiten zu lernen.
Sebastian L.
Lehrling, Kfz-Mechatroniker

Damals hatte ich in Mathe eine 3, dank ABACUS macht mir Mathe in der Ausbildung keine Probleme mehr!
Kerstin B.
Schülerin, 13. Klasse

Mit der Hilfe von ABACUS-Nachhilfe konnte ich mich sehr gut auf die Matura vorbereiten!
Lukas K.
Schüler, 4. Klasse

Jetzt habe ich keine Angst mehr vorm Diktat - ganz im Gegenteil: Mein ABACUS-Nachhilfelehrer hat mich zur Bestform gebracht.
Andreas K.
Schüler 10.Klasse

Mit meiner Nachhilfelehrerin habe ich auf mein Bewerbungszeugnis hingearbeitet und eine tolle Lehrstelle erhalten.
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